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Introductory Training Routines

Introductory Training Routines

By Eevey and Petete

Scientology’s Training Routines (or TR’s) are a set of drills that every Scientologist is required to take at least once. According to The Church of Scientology the drills “help a person to communicate effectively and to control situations, however I can say  from both personal experience and  research this is far from the truth. The Training Routines are known to have a strong hypnotic effects, which cause hallucinations as well as out of body experiences which Scientologist praise and call Exteriorization. Scientology’s TR’s 0-4 are first encountered in introductory courses of the sect  as well as in Narconon, Criminon and Wise which are all front groups of the criminal organization known as the Church of Scientology. The following  is OT TR 0.

The TR's are known to cause hallucinations.

NAME: Operating Thetan Confronting.


POSITION: Student and coach sit facing each other with eyes closed, a comfortable distance apart – about three feet.

PURPOSE: To train student to be there comfortably. The idea is to get the student able to BE there comfortably in a position three feet in front of another person, to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.

TRAINING STRESS: Student and coach sit facing each other with eyes closed. There is no conversation. This is a silent drill. There is NO twitching, moving, confronting with a body part, “system” or vias used to confront or anything else added to BE there. One will usually see blackness or an area of the room when one’s eyes are closed. BE THERE COMFORTABLE AND CONFRONT. When a student can BE there comfortably and confront and has recorded a win, the drill is passed.

As you can see above these processes are sold as a “confronting drills” however the hypnotic techniques used in this are simply sensory deprivation and stress, which cause altered states of consciousness. In one of the lecture series that L. Ron Hubbard gives called the Philadelphia Doctorate Course, Hubbard admits that closing your eyes puts you into a light hypnotic trance.

Charles Manson was a Scientologist.

NAME: Confronting Preclear.


POSITION: Student and coach sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart – about three feet.

PURPOSE: To train student to confront a preclear with auditing only or with nothing. The whole idea is to get the student able to be there comfortably in a position three feet in front of a preclear, to BE there and not to do anything else but BE there.

TRAINING STRESS: Have student and coach sit facing each other, neither making any conversation or effort to be interesting. Have them sit and look at each other and say and do nothing. Student must not speak, blink, fidget, giggle or be embarrassed or anaten. It will be found the students tends to confront WITH a body part rather than just confront, or to use a system of confronting rather than just BE there. The drill is misnamed if confronting means to DO something to the pc. The whole action is to accustom an auditor to BEING THERE three feet in front of a preclear without apologizing or moving or being startled or embarrassed or defending self. Confronting with a body part can cause somatics in that body part being used to confront. The solution is just to confront and BE there. Student passes when he can just BE there and confront and he has reached a win.

OT 0 confronting is basically the same thing as the process before only this time you have your eyes open. Something else to consider is that these processes are supposed to be done for 2 or more hours during which you will hear Scientologese ( the special jargon used in Scientology) which will help to alienate you from the outside world.


NAME: Confronting Bullbaited

COMMANDS: Coach: “Start”, “That’s it”, “Flunk”.

POSITION: Student and coach sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart – about three feet.

PURPOSE: To train student to confront a preclear with auditing or with nothing. The whole idea is to get the student able to BE there comfortably in a position three feet in front of a preclear without being thrown off, distracted or reacting in any way to what the preclear says or does.

TRAINING STRESS: After the student has passed TR 0 and he can just BE there comfortably, “bullbaiting” can begin. Anything added to BEING THERE is sharply flunked by the coach. Twitches, blinks, sighs, fidgets, anything except just being there is promptly flunked, with the reasons why.

PATTER: Student coughs. Coach: “Flunk! You coughed. Start.” This is the whole of the coach’s patter as a coach.

PATTER AS A CONFRONTED SUBJECT: The coach may say anything or do anything except leave the chair. The student’s “buttons” can be found and tromped on hard. Any words not coached words may receive no response from the student. If the student responds, the coach is instantly a coach (see patter above). Student passes when he can BE there comfortably without being thrown off or distracted or react in any way to anything the coach says or does and has reached a win.

During TR 0 Bullbait anything can be brought up and I  mean anything to try to disturb the student and to get them to react.


NAME: Acknowledgments.

PURPOSE: To teach the student that an acknowledgment is a method of controlling preclear communication and that an acknowledgement is a full stop. The student must understand and appropriately acknowledge the comm. and in such a way that it does not continue the comm.

COMMANDS: The coach reads lines from “Alice in Wonderland,”, omitting the “He saids,” and student thoroughly acknowledges them. The student says “Good,” “Fine,” “Okay,” “I heard that,” anything so long as it is appropriate to the pc’s com. – in such a way as actually to convince the person who is sitting there as the preclear that he has heard it. The coach repeats any line that he feels was not truly acknowledged.

POSITION: Student and coach are seated facing each other a comfortable distance apart.

TRAINING STRESS: Teach student to acknowledge exactly what was said so the preclear knows it was heard. Ask student from time to time what was said. Curb over and under acknowledgment. Let student do anything at first to get acknowledgement. Let student do anything at first to get acknowledgement across, then even him out. Teach him that an acknowledgement is a stop, not beginning of a new cycle of communication or an encouragement to the preclear to go on, and that an acknowledgement must be appropriate for the pc’s com. The student must be broken of the habit of robotically using “Good,” “Thank you” as the only acknowledgements.
To teach further that one can fail to get an acknowledgment across or can fail to stop a pc with an acknowledgement or can take a pc’s hand off with an acknowledgement.

PATTER: The coach says “Start,” reads a line and says “Flunk” every time the coach feels there has been an improper acknowledgement. The coach repeats the same line each time the coach says “Flunk.” “That it” may be used to terminate for discussion or terminate the drill. “Start” must be used to begin a new coaching after a “That’s it.”


NAME: Duplicative Question.

PURPOSE: To teach a student to duplicate without variation an auditing question, each time newly, in its own unit of time, not as a blur with other questions, and to acknowledge it. To teach that one never asks a second question until he has received an answer to the one asked.

COMMANDS: “Do fish swim?” or “Do birds fly?”

POSITION: Student and coach seated a comfortable distance apart.

TRAINING STRESS: One question and student acknowledgment of its answer in one unit of time which is then finished. To keep student from straying into variations of command. Even though the same question is asked, it is asked as though it had never occurred to anyone before.
The student must learn to give a command and receive an answer and to acknowledge it in one unit of time.
The student is flunked if he or she fails to get an answer to the question asked, if he or she fails to repeat the exact questions or if he or she is led off onto some excursion by the coach.

PATTER: The coach uses “Start” and “That’s it” as in earlier TRs. The coach is not bound after starting to answer the students question by may comm. lag or give a commenting-type answer to throw the student off. Often the coach should answer. Somewhat less often the coach attempts to pull the student off onto some excursion or to upset the student.

Student: “Do fish swim?”
Coach: “Yes.”
Student: “Good.”
Student: “Do fish swim?”
Coach: “Aren’t you hungry?”
Student: “Yes.”
Coach: “Flunk.”

When the question is not answered, the student must say, gently, “I’ll repeat the auditing question” and do so until he gets an answer. Anything except commands, acknowledgment and, as needed, the repeat statement is flunked. Unnecessary use of the repeat statement is flunked. A poor command is flunked. A poor acknowledgement is flunked. The student going off the question onto an excursion is flunked (as in example). Student misemotion or confusion is flunked. Any words from the coach except an answer to the question, “Start,” “Flunk,” “Good” or “That’s it” should have no influence on the student except to get him to give a repeat statement and the command again. By repeat statement is meant “I’ll repeat the auditing command again.” “Start,”, “Flunk,” “Good” and “That’s it” may not be used to fluster or trap the student. Any other statement under the sun may be. The coach may try to leave his chair in this TR. If he succeeds, it is a flunk. The coach should not use introverted statements, such as “I just had a cognition.” “Coach divertive” statements should all concern the student and should be designed to throw the student off and cause the student to lose session control or track of what the student is doing. The student’s job is to keep a session going in spite of everything, using only command, the repeat statement or the acknowledgment. The student may use his or hands to prevent a “blow” (leaving) of the coach. If the student does anything else other than the above, it is a flunk and the coach must say so.

In TR 2 and 3 the repetition of nonsense is yet another way in which these Training Routines create a trance like state and definitely makes you easier for Scientology to grab.


NAME: Preclear Originations.

PURPOSE: To teach a student not to be tongue-tied or startled or thrown off session by origination's of preclear and to maintain ARC with preclear throughout an origination.

COMMANDS: The student runs “Do fish swim?” or “Do birds fly?” on coach. Coach answers but now and then makes startling comments from a prepared list on page 156. Student must handle originations to satisfaction of coach.

POSITION: Student and coach sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart.

TRAINING STRESS: The student is taught to hear origination and do three things: (1) understand it; (2) acknowledge it; and (3) Return preclear to session. If the coach feels abruptness or too much time consumed or lack of comprehension, he corrects the student into better handling.

PATTER: All originations concern the coach, his ideas, reactions or difficulties, none concern the auditor. Otherwise the patter is the same as in earlier TRs. The student’s patter is governed by (1) clarifying and understanding the origin, (2) acknowledging the origin, (3) giving the repeat statement “I’ll repeat the auditing command” and then giving it. Anything else is a flunk. The auditor must be taught to prevent preclear upsets and differentiate between a vital problem that concerns the pc and a mere effort to blow session (TR 3). Flunks are given if the student does more than (1) understand, (2) acknowledge, (3) return pc to session. Coach may throw in remarks personal to student as on TR 3. Student’s failure to differentiate between these (by trying to handle them) and coach’s remarks about self as ”pc” is a flunk. Student’s failure to persist is always a flunk in any TR but here more so. Coach should not always read from list to originate and not always look at student when about to comment. By originate is meant a statement or remark referring to the state of the coach or a fancied case. By comment is meant a statement or remark aimed only at student or room. Originations are handled, comments are disregarded by student.

And this is TR 4 where you are simply conditioned to be controlled. TR 4 is only an exercise in overriding someone’s better judgement. The true purpose of these drills is to teach you how to be hypnotized and how to hypnotize others for the benefit of Scientology.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Purification Rundown

Written by Eevey and Petete

*Something to consider, if you or your loved one are on any medication, you or your loved one  will be told to stop taking it to continue in Scientology. For some, this is nothing but for others it’s a matter of life and death.

One of the first steps in the cult is the Purification Rundown which is expected of all Scientologist as part of their “spiritual progress”, however it is also used in “secular” groups such as Narconon and Criminon. The cult behind closed doors will tell its members and potential new members that this rundown could avert the need for cardiac bypass surgery, treat kidney failure, alleviate eye problems as well as many other medical claims. The rundown consist of long hours of sitting in a hot sauna along with mega doses of vitamins (far beyond what is considered safe), as well as exercise and consumption of vegetable oils. The cult claims it’s the only way to rid the body from the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and other chemicals and go on to say that these stay in our fat cells waiting to give us a temporary high. However, medical doctors say otherwise stating that not only is this rundown not medically sound, and ridiculous but it’s also deadly. The long hours in the sauna and the mega doses of Vitamin B3 (also known as Niacin) are dangerous by themselves but together they make a deadly combination.

The recommended time to spend in a sauna is 20 to 30 minutes a day, whereas the Purification Rundown would require up to 5 hours a day. That’s 10 times the daily recommended amount. For healthy individuals this can cause severe dehydration but for those with pre-existing heart conditions it can cause more harm.

Exactly how much is too much?

Founder L. Ron Hubbard
So how much Niacin is too much? The medically recommended serving of Niacin is 15 mg per day, however, in one of the books written by L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Dianetics and Scientology) called Clear Body Clear Mind, recommends more than triple that recommending  an initial dose of 100 mg increasing to 5,000 mg a day.  Some of the side effects of Niacin are dizziness, itching,  tingling, or feelings of warmth along with skin irritation. However the cult will tell its members that the side effects are just proof that drugs or toxins are leaving their bodies and as such they are told to continue taking the overdoses of Niacin.

Health Problems

The Church of Scientology itself admits to its members that the side effects include Dehydration, electrolyte disturbances such as Hyponatremia and Hypokalemia as well as heat related illness such as Hyperthermia as being common side effects however this is only partially true. There are other illnesses that have been brought to light such as liver failure.

The Human Cost of Purification 

        Unfortunately, many people have suffered and died because of this; Christopher Arbuckle, Jocelyne Dorfmann, and Paride Ella are just a few of the names on the list of those who have died. However, the worse thing is that it’ll continue until brave individuals from around the world  speak out and show the world the facts and names Scientology doesn't want them to see.

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The Personality and Stress Test

Written By Eevey and Petete
The Truth about Scientology’s Personality and Stress Test

The Church of Scientology likes to use personality and stress test to bring in new members but underneath the forced smiles and love bombing they only want you to submit to their manipulation and fall into the Scientology trap. 

Personality Test

The Oxford Capacity Analysis (OCA) also called the American Personality Analysis or simply the Personality Test by the cult’s staff is a free test given by the Church of Scientology along with its Novis Mental Ability Test (a short test which is claimed to measure IQ) to rope in possible new recruits. Despite its name it has nothing to do with the University of Oxford and its creation, is solely credited to L. Ron Hubbard (founder). However, despite the fact that this test has no basis in reality nor in the medical field, the sect’s staff keeps pushing it as being a certified tests reworked and modernized for today’s society.

The test is very long with 200 questions or more which can be answered with yes, no or maybe. Some of the questions include:

Do you have a small circle of close friends, rather than a large number of friends, speaking acquaintances?

Is your life a constant struggle for survival?

Do you often sing or whistle just for the fun of it?

Are you considered warm-hearted by your friends?

Would you rather give orders than take them?

Kaja Ballo
Despite the fact that some of the questions are downright silly the test is rigged against you the moment you start and no matter what you answer the recruiter will always tell you that your personality is flawed in some way or another and that your only hope for recovery is to take the courses they tell you. Their goal is to make you feel weak, vulnerable and depressed, so they can manipulate you and get you to buy the course. However, not all people can handle this treatment.

Kaja Ballo was one of the unlucky ones, after receiving her test results, which stated that she was “unstable” and that her IQ was “very limited”, she plummeted into a deep depression and hours later she committed suicide by jumping off the 4th floor of her college dorm. I know from personal experience how bad they can make you feel for not buying the course right there. The cult will say “no obligations” to catch you off guard and then get you with the hard sell.

Stress Test

We all have things in our lives that stress us out, its natural. Scientology, however, preys on that weakness. They will appear friendly and interested, and offer you a free stress test, but the thing is the recruiter is specially trained on how to get you to talk about your insecurities. They will put you on the e-meter which is a type of lie detector (of which I will go into depth later).

Taken from Anon Ireland
This is dangerous because the cult pushes so hard for people to discuss their insecurities, pushing all of the psychological buttons so they can get you to give them money.